Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ebony Arose by Vicky J. Siegrist

Released: 2009

Ebony Arose by Vicky J. Siegrist is the story of a young girl who escapes death and runs away from her abusive father with hopes of starting a fresh new life, free of pain. After the initial hardships that come with running away, Ebony Arose is welcomed into a new family who love and care for her as she deserves. Many years later as a teenager, Ebony is blessed with finding true love and is about to marry handsome, rich Nicholas Vance. Before the wedding and much to her disadvantage, Ebony's past comes back to haunt her. The following events that transpire for Ebony include intrigue and danger, as well as more romance.

Ebony Arose has the many components of a fairytale; such as Ebony coming from an abusive background, being painstakingly beautiful, and being welcomed in with open arms by every family she comes into contact with; not to mention having numerous men clamoring to win her over.

Although Ebony Arose reads like a fairytale, the novel is too lengthy to be one, and I found it to be lacking of deeper substance. The story is extremely fast-paced and full of events, but there is not enough description, dialogues, or inner-monologues to support emotions of the characters, which makes for a detaching experience. The content of Ebony Arose isn't very original, and reminds me of a very condensed version of any romantic drama series by V.C. Andrews.

Overall, Ebony Arose is fairly enjoyable, but easily forgettable.

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