Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chances Are by Barbara Bretton

Released: 2004

Barbara Bretton is my favorite contemporary romance author. Her books are always guaranteed to please when a realistic romance and pick-me-up is needed. Chances Are was no exception, and once again, I am disappointed in myself in letting this book sit on my shelf for years before reading it!

Chances Are is centered around a group of women in a small Jersey shore-town called Paradise Point. The women consist of Maddy, a woman about to be married; her entrepreneur mother Rose; Claire, a widow and mother of five; and Kelly, Maddy's teenage soon-to-be stepdaughter. While the town focuses attention on Maddy and her wedding, Claire stands by jealous on the sidelines at Maddy's good fortune, while responsible Kelly suspects she may be pregnant.

As opposed to most romance novels, Chances Are is unique because the romantic relationships are already established for the most part, and we are entertained by how these women keep themselves together in times of turmoil. While readers are presented with tastes of romanticism, the novel is not your classic "win the man over and experience drama while doing it".

Barbara Bretton's novels are great for all types of readers because they are not stereotypical in the romance genre. Bretton's novels give enjoyment and renewed hope for love to readers that may be overweight, widowed, divorced, sloppy, down-and-out, or past their prime in life. Being a divorced, single mother myself, I can always count on Bretton to pick me up and provide me with an awesome, fun read!

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