Friday, March 12, 2010

The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank

Released: 2005

The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank is unique chick-lit in that it combines extreme sarcasm, humor, and wit with your typical coming-of-age novel.

Our heroine is Sophie Applebaum, a Jewish girl with two brothers, a judge for a father, and a scatter-brained mother. We meet Sophie initially when she is about twelve years old, and we join her in growing up well into her late thirties or so. Along the way we encounter and share with Sophie her many boyfriend experiences, as well as adventures with schooling and careers.

As the book begins, readers will wonder if this is any typical run-of-the-mill coming-of-age novel, and it may seem that way at first; however The Wonder Spot is so smart and witty that we grow to laugh out loud with Sophie's inner monologue as the book continues.

The Wonder Spot also reads like the memoir of a comedian! I had to keep reminding myself the book was fiction, and not a biography. I also suspect that many readers may not understand or catch on to the many pop-cultural references that were prevalent in the late 20th century, but readers who truly connect with Sophie's hilarious comments will truly love this novel.

Although The Wonder Spot is a fun ride, it ends abruptly. This was my only apprehension with REALLY loving the book, otherwise, enjoy!

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